Our menu is inspired from the original São Paulo cuisine: full table,
family gathered, shared food and good moments. Our main influences
are the country & seashore cuisines. From the sea we got the seafood,
fresh fish and simple ingredients that after a meticulous preparation
turn into tasty creations.

From the country we brought seasonal ingredients. Freshly picked, slow cooking process of wood ovens and the kitchen talk and family recepies that are passed along through generations without losing the taste of each story.

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Fresh tomatoes (vegetarian)    51
Wild arugula, goat cheese with yogurt and black rice popcorn

PANC's Salad     53

Fresh PANC's (Unconventional Edible Plants), organic vegetables
and honey from the Jataí bee and raspberry Vinegar

Dried meat    65
Thin slices of cured meat, mustard, cambuci pepper
and cashew nuts

Local cheese soup (vegetarian)    64
Grilled mushrooms and organic green cabbage


Fishermans's tuna     89

Avocado, Brazil nuts, lemon and olive oil

Heart of palm tote (vegetarian)     57
Cambuci pepper, fresh PANC of the day
and rangpur lime vinaigrette

Grilled organic vegetables (vegetarian)   51

Mix of seasonal organic vegetables
and free range egg mayonnaise

Local fried croquette     44

Meat, corn and pepper sauce

Rice croquette     44

Cheese and homemade mayonnaise


Pork cheecks     70

Pumpkin rice and miso

Roasted flank steak     81

Mashed potatoes and toasted chard

Grilled filet mignon    89

Smashed cassava and roti sauce

"Galinhada" -  a local stew of rice and chicken     69 
Vegetables and free range egg yolk


Tonarelli    65

Capuzim pesto

Heart of palm stew      63

Cassava, coconut milk and palm oil

Creamy mushroom rice    69

Fresh mushrooms, spinach and mushroom powder

Creamy pappardelle    67

Handmade parmesan and black pepper


Fresh fish of the day and grilled shrimp    81

Ground banana chips and moqueca sauce

Caiçara stew      98

Shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels and vongole

Creamy octopus rice    91
Green cabbage and peckpepper 

Fish soup   75

Shrimp, banana and cassava


Homemade crumbs    15

Vegetables and cassava flour


Corn  cream      17

Green corn and butter

Local chips     15

Plantain, sweet potato and cassava



Brigadeiro pie   25

Hot chocolat topping


Rice pudding     21

      Coconut and condensed milk

“Pingado”    23

Coffee cream and ricotta

Dulce de leche roll    25

Milk gelato

Organic corn pudding   21

Cinnamon crunch