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​"We want to tell this story, to rescue the origin of the full table, family together, sharing food and good times. As an influence, we have the seashore cuisine, with seafood, fresh fish and simple ingredients; from the country, we brought seasonal ingredients, freshly picked, which after a careful preparation turn into tasty dishes, capable of nourishing the soul and warming the heart.”
Chef Raul Vieira


Sourdough bread with organic corn    22

Homemade butter and local olive oil

Starters and Salads

Cassava broth    54

Rib, crispy corn bread and roti sauce

PANC's Salad (vegetarian)    56

Fresh PANC's (Unconventional Edible Plants), organic vegetables and native bee honey

Soberano cheese cream  (vegetarian)    64

Grilled mushrooms and organic collard greens

To share

Fisherman's tuna     89

Avocado, Brazilian nut, lemon and olive oil


Baked artisanal cheese   119

Mandaçaí bee honey and sourdough bread with organic corn

Grilled organic vegetables (vegetarian)   55

Mix of seasonal organic vegetables
and free range egg mayonnaise

Manjubinha and fish from the vegetable garden dorê  65

Tartar sauce and pink lemon

Local fried croquette     52

Meat, corn and homemade pepper sauce

Rice croquette (vegetarian)    52

Cuesta Cheese and homemade mayonnaise

Meats & Poultry

Grilled ribeye steak   136

Broccoli, "biro biro" rice and chimichurri sauce

Roasted flank steak     88

Mashed potatoes and toasted chard

Confit chicken and Caipira-style couscous   82

Toasted okra and chicken glaze

Pork cheecks     80

Pumpkin rice and miso

Pasta & Veggies

Pumpkin Ravioli    80

Guaianá cheese and toasted onion​

Heart of palm stew      72

Cassava, coconut milk and palm oil

Creamy mushroom rice    77

Fresh mushrooms, spinach and mushroom powder

Creamy Pappardelle  80

Ararita cheese and Black Pepper

From the seashore

Fresh fish of the day and grilled shrimp    94

Ground banana chips and moqueca sauce

 Banana gnocchi   92

Shrimp, confit garlic and cherry tomato

Caiçara stew      98

Shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels and vongole

Creamy octopus rice    96
Green cabbage and peckpepper 

Side dishes

Organic vegetables  20

Roasted onion and cassava flour


Homemade crumbs    17

Roasted onion and cassava flour


        Grilled Banana      17

Salt flower 

Local chips     17

Plantain, sweet potato and cassava


Brigadeiro pie   32

Hot chocolat topping

Rice pudding     27

      Cumaru and condensed milk

Romeo and Juliet   29

Cheese pie with creamy guava paste

Dulce de leche roll    32

Milk gelato

Organic corn pudding   27

Cinnamon crunch

Jaboticaba sorbet   33

Fresh fruits, lemongrass infused with lemon
and native honey

If you have any concerns regarding food allergies, please alert your server prior to ordering



Aqua Panna 250ml   18

Aqua Panna 505ml   32

San Pellegrino 250ml   18

San Pelegrino 505ml   32

National Mineral Water D'água 750ml   19

SODAS    12


JUICES    19

Available for lunch

Orange with green apple and strawberry

Pineapple and lemongrass

Lemon and honey

Watermelon with cinnamon

Green grapefruit with basil


Available for dinner

MOCKTAILS • Non-alcoholic

Available for dinner

Zero BackYard   41

Non-alcoholic coconut water, pineapple, apricot jam and wild berries syrup

ICE TEA   19

Available for dinner

Red fruits



Available for dinner

Terraço Sunset   60

Aged cachaça, aperol, pineapple and lemon

Caipirinha Highball   60

Cachaça and lemon clove soda

Caipirinha Tradicional   60


Our Version Rabo de Galo  60

Cachaça jaboticaba, cynar, vermouth

Basil Smash 60

White cachaça, basil, lime

Caju Amigo   45

cachaça and cashew soda

Expresso Terraço Jardins   66

Cumaru cachaça, coffee licor and expresso pessegueiro​

Backyard   60

Gin infused with wild fruit tea, apricot jam, pineapple

Cumaru Sour   60

Cumaru cachaça, honey and lime

GIN & TONIC    45

 Available for dinner


Cucumber, green apple and green grapes


Orange, lemon,  rosemary

Cardamom, cinnamon and orange


Available for dinner

Dama Stout   48

  Dama Young Ipa   48

Dama IPA        48

Dama Lager   48

Dama Weiss  48

Dama Pilsen  48




Available for dinner

Pessegueiro farm coffee

Arábico, Koar Method

*In accordance with Law 17,747, dated September 12, 2023, we offer complimentary filtered water.

*Our eggs are exclusively produced by cage-free eggs farms.

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