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ESG 2024

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▶ Renaissance ambassadors contributed 11,565 hours of volunteer service in 32 actions throughout 2022.
The actions resulted in donations of 370 kilograms of food and 4,296 items, including diapers, personal hygiene products, clothes, toys, furniture, and blood donations.

MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2025, 80% of managed hotels will have participated in community service activities.
By 2025, 50% of franchised hotels will have participated in community service activities.

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2025, contribute 15M hours of volunteer service to support our company priorities
and community engagement strategy.

Children & Youth: 50% of our volunteer hours will serve children and youth, including those at risk and disadvantaged, by developing their skills, employability and supporting their vitality.

▶ Rena Week do Bem, Renaissance São Paulo Hotel’s Black Friday with social initiatives, donates 10% of sales to institutions.
The donations resulted in over R$ 27,000 being contributed to institutions such as Fundação Amazonas Sustentável, Amparo Maternal, and Instituto Fazendo História. These donations have helped support the activities of these institutions and promote positive impact in the communities they serve.

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▶ The representation of women in leadership positions at the Renaissance São Paulo Hotel is 45%, 50% of executive positions and 55% managerial positions are held by women.
Awards: Gold Category of the WEPs Award - Women Empowering Companies by UN Women Brazil (2021; 2022); 19th Best Workplaces for Women to Work in Brazil by Great Place to Work Brazil (2022).

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2023, achieve gender representation parity for global company leadership.

▶ For the past 3 years, Renaissance São Paulo Hotel has been conducting the Marriott Career Initiative training program, which aims to develop young individuals for the job market.
The group of 13 young people participated in 9 classes covering various areas of the hotel, including cooking, front desk operations, personal finance management, resume writing, body language, communication skills during interviews, and social media.

▶ The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel's Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established in 2020 and operates in 7 areas with the goal of creating actions and implementing measures and changes related to diversity and inclusion. These areas include 50+, Gender Equity, Ethnic-Racial, LGBTQIA+, PWD (People with Disabilities), Early Childhood, and Green Team.
Awards: J. W. Marriott Jr. Diversity Excellence Award 2022; Global Workplace Equality Programs - Human Rights Campaign (2021) and 11th World's Best Workplaces in Brazil by Great Place to Work Brasil (2022).

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2025, invest at least $35M to increase and deepen programs and partnerships that develop hospitality skills and opportunity among
youth, diverse populations, women, people with disabilities, veterans and refugees.

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▶ Renaissance São Paulo Hotel has two artesian wells, which are sustainable and natural water sources. They capture water using a non-aggressive method and eliminate the risk of waste in distribution, promoting conscious consumption.
The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel has reduced water intensity by 40% over the past 9 years, surpassing the established operational goal by 25%.

▶ The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel obtains 100% of its energy from renewable sources, certified with I-REC, ensuring a carbon-neutral footprint.
Currently, 99% of the property is equipped with LED lighting, and investments have been made in a telemetry and automation system that automatically controls the central air conditioning system.
This system adjusts the consumption according to the ideal operational standards, optimizing the use of electrical

▶ The property recicles 100% of the materials that can be recycled and has a biodigester, a system that biologically digests organic materials, generating a nutrient-rich effluent, that can be discarded by the sewage, used as reclaimed water, reducing 90% of the volume of materials sent to landfills:
Recycled materials in 2022:
» Glass: 4.381 kg
» Metal: 174 kg
» Mixed: 42.199 kg
» Paper: 12.469 kg
» Plastic: 457 kg
» Organic Materials in biodigester: 37.078 kg

Natural Resources Conservation:
» Number of trees saved from being cut down: 565
» Amount of natural resources saved: 5.258 kg
» Quantity of new products produced: 320 kg

▶ The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel offers complimentary electric car charging for its guests and clients, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainable mobility, and supporting the transition to renewable energy.

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: Reduce environmental footprint by 15% | 30%* | 45% | 50% across the portfolio by 2025:
Water: Reduce water intensity by 15%
Carbon: Reduce carbon intensity by 30%*
Waste: Reduce waste to landfill by 45%. Reduce food waste by 50%
Renewable Energy: Achieve a minimum of 30% renewable electricity use.

▶ The hotel's paper-based graphic materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring that the wood is environmentally sustainable and compliant with laws in over 75 countries.

In 2023, the Renaissance São Paulo Hotel sent 99,402 aluminum coffee capsules for recycling. The coffee grounds are reused in the production of compost fertilizer, and the aluminum is 100% recycled.

▶ To reduce plastic consumption in the hotel, mini disposable toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner have been replaced with large refillable pump bottles.

▶ The Green Team is a volunteer group of ambassadors that implements waste reduction practices, increases awareness, and conducts trainings.

▶ Responsible sourcing minimizes environmental impact and maximizes positive social impact in our supply chain for the benefit of society and the planet.
The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel sources 100% of its fruits and vegetables from local suppliers. At the Terraço Jardins restaurant, 25% of the vegetables come from organic farming. The fish and seafood served at the restaurant are obtained through responsible production, promoting the conservation of a healthy ocean and marine habitats. Additionally, all the fresh eggs consumed in the hotel are sourced from free-range producers.

▶ The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel donated, in 2023, 1,990 kg to the "Comida Invisível" platform, certified by FAO/UN, with the Save Food seal.
The Comida Invisível platform connects companies with
NGOs and individuals in need of food donations in consumable conditions. The main objective is to combat hunger and reduce food waste. Through Comida Invisível, the hotel has the opportunity to contribute to the efficient and sustainable distribution of surplus food, helping to combat hunger and waste

▶ GOAL MARRIOTT: Responsibly source 95% in our Top 10 priority categories by 2025.
Responsible Sourcing: By 2025, responsibly source 95%, by spend, of its top 10 categories
» Top 10 priority categories include: animal proteins (inclusive of beef, eggs, lamb, pork, and poultry), bottled water, cleaning supplies, cocoa, coffee, guest room amenities, paper products, seafood, sugar, textiles.
» Marriott International is committed to sourcing 100% of our eggs (shell, liquid, and egg products) from cage-free sources throughout global operations for all owned, managed and franchised properties by the end of 2025.

Supplier Requirements/Reviews:
» By 2023, require all contracted suppliers in the top 10 categories to provide information on product sustainability, inclusive of social and human rights impacts.
» By 2025, MI will require all centrally-contracted suppliers to provide this information.
Local Sourcing: By 2025, locally source 50% of all produce, in aggregate (measured by total spend)
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E): By 2025, ensure that the top 10 FF&E product categories sourced are in the top tier of the Mindclick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP) for Marriott.

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▶ In 2023, the Renaissance São Paulo Hotel achieved the goal of having 100% of associates complete trainings on Human Trafficking Awareness, Respect for All, Unconscious Bias, and Harassment Prevention.

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2025, 100% of on-property associates will have completed human rights training, including on human trafficking awareness, responsible sourcing and recruitment policies and practices.
Scale the training and resources developed by MI and its community partners to the broader industry to create greater awareness, while developing updated trainings and resources to meet evolving needs and emerging trends.

▶ The Renaissance São Paulo Hotel is a signatory to the Corporate Coalition to End Violence Against Women and Girls.
The private sector movement that brings together efforts and resources through awareness and mobilization, aiming to end violence against women and girls, as well as promoting the Ângela program, a virtual assistant developed by Instituto Avon, which provides free support through messaging to women experiencing violence. The services offered include psychological support, legal guidance, donations, and transportation assistance to safe places, such as temporary shelters and public networks for shelter and protection.

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2025, enhance or embed human rights criteria in our recruitment and sourcing policies and work with our industry to address human rights risks in the construction phase.

▶ MARRIOTT GOAL: By 2025, promote a peaceful world through travel by investing at least $500,000 in partnerships that drive, evaluate and elevate travel
and tourism’s role in cultural understanding.

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