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"The inspiration for our menu comes from constant research on the culture of São Paulo and its influences, mainly, the countryside and coastal cuisine. We use native ingredients from the Atlantic Forest, valuing local producers from the State of São Paulo.


We celebrate the pleasure of living well, with dishes that tell stories and promote perfect moments to share with friends and family."
Chef Raul Vieira


Sourdough Bread with Organic Corn   26
Homemade butter and local olive oil

Starters and Salads

Countryside Caesar Salad (vegetarian)   56
Mini roasted romaine, Causo cheese, garlic vine mayonnaise, and cornbread


Crispy Fried Cauliflower (vegan)   48
Fermented peanut paste with pumpkin


Soberano Cream Cheese (vegetarian)   64
Grilled mushrooms and organic collard greens

To share

Fisherman's Tuna   89
Avocado, Brazil nut, lemon, and olive oil

Octopus Sandwich   92
Cará bread, Catupiry cheese, and spring onion


Seasonal Vegetable Platter (vegan)   55
Organics from the countryside city Morungaba - SP


Baked Benzinho Cheese (vegetarian)   119
Guaraipo honey and organic cornbread


Pork Knee Fried Pastry   58
Pasture-raised pork and market vinaigrette


Anchovy and Garden Fish à Dorê   65

(vegetarian version available)
Tartar sauce and pink lemon


Local Fried Croquette   55
Meat, corn and homemade pepper sauce

Meat and Poultry

Grilled Ancho Steak   136
Broccoli rabe, biro-biro rice and herb sauce

Slow-Cooked Beef Rib   94
Gratinated manioc and sautéed mustard


​Confit Chicken and Countryside Couscous   86
Toasted okra and chicken glaze


Breaded Countryside Pork Loin   89
Corn mush, ora-pro-nóbis, and pork glaze

Pasta e Veggies

Creamy Pappardelle   86
Ararita cheese and black pepper

Pumpkin Ravioli   82
Guaianá cheese and toasted butter

Mini Paraíba Valley Rice   84
Duzu cheese, green broad beans, and purslane

Creamy Mushroom Rice (vegan version available)   80
Fresh mushrooms, spinach, and mushroom powder

From the coast

Fish of the Day and Grilled Shrimp   106
Plantain chips and moqueca sauce

Plantain Gnocchi   98
Shrimp, confit garlic, and cherry tomato

​Grilled Octopus and Sweet Potato   122
Fresh herbs and squid ink mayonnaise


Seafood Lambe-Lambe Rice   90 
Mussel, clam, and razor clam

Side dishes

Organic Vegetables   25

Variety of seasonal grilled vegetables

Homemade Crumbs   18
Roasted onion and cassava flour


Grilled Banana   18
Sea salt


Local Chips   22
Plantain, sweet potato, and manioc


Brigadeiro Cake   32
Hot chocolate topping

​Grandma's French Toast   35
Cinnamon ice cream and artisanal dulce de leche Lano-Alto

Romeo and Juliet   30
Cheese pie and creamy guava

​Cocoa Textures (vegan)   32
Bitter chocolate mousse, nibs, and cocoa sorbet


​Coffee Carolina and Four Milks   32
Caramel ice cream and cumaru


Jaboticaba Sorbet   33
Fresh fruits, lemongrass, and manduri honey

If there are any concerns in case of allergies, please inform your waiter during your order.



Aqua Panna 250ml   18

Aqua Panna 505ml   32

San Pellegrino 250ml   18

San Pellegrino 505ml   32

National Water D'Água 750ml   19

Sodas   12

Fresh Natural Juices (available for lunch)   19

Orange with green apple and strawberry

Pineapple with lemongrass

Lemon with honey

Watermelon with cinnamon

Green grape with basil


Craft Sodas (available for dinner)   19


Iced Teas (available for dinner)   19

Red fruits




Filtered Coffee (available for dinner)   13

Pessegueiro Farm Coffee
Arabica, Koar Method


Available for dinner

Pescador   40
Aged cachaça, Aperol, pineapple, lemon

Our Version of the "Rabo de Galo"   40
Jaboticaba cachaça, Cynar, and vermouth


Caju Amigo   40
Cachaça and cashew soda


Caipirinha   45
Cachaça and fresh fruits (ask for seasonal flavors)


Fundo de Quintal (Backyard)   45
(Non-alcoholic version available)  
Gin, wild fruit tea infusion, apricot jam, pineapple


​Chamego   40
White cachaça, lemon, and guava juice


Prosa   40
Aged cachaça, pink lemon, and sugarcane molasses


Pingado   40
White cachaça, espresso coffee, and peanut liqueur


Kauany   45
Catuaba and Vodka


Desbravador   45
Amázzoni Gin, Desbravador mix, toasted coconut liqueur, and lemon juice


Banana Liqueur

Peanut Liqueur

Toasted Coconut Liqueur

Catuaba Liqueur


GIN & TONIC   45

Cucumber, green apple, and green grape

Orange, lemon, and rosemary

Cardamom, cinnamon, and orange


​BEERS   48

​Dama Stout

Dama Young IPA

Dama IPA

Dama Lager

Dama Weiss

Dama Pilsen

*In accordance with Law 17,747, dated September 12, 2023, we offer complimentary filtered water.

​*Our eggs are exclusively produced by cage-free eggs farms.

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